Rawan Kobeissi




i'm Rawan (ruh-WAHN)


Born in Beirut // Based around the world

I want to be a change agent. I carry a deep enchantment with Arabic Typography, and a need to interact with folks from diverse backgrounds and talents. My curiosity as an empathetic Interaction Designer (MDes Interaction Design, California College of the Arts 2017) has landed me in three different continents, taking my experiences with me into other cultures to positively impact communities and empower people. I love to explore and experiment whenever possible, in hopes to effectively turn ideas into reality. I get my energy from challenging design and social problems, and most of all: great teammates! Imagining a human-centered future is what I wake up and drink my coffee for. And I drink a lot of that...



& Self-Care


Not that designing all day everyday isn't fun, but:

I'm a strong believer in self-care and its effect on design and creativity. 

I enjoy health, fitness and travel, and so I began documenting my journey to spread a positive body image and encourage people, especially young girls, to take control of their health. Below is an example of some things that make me happy, and a way I have been experimenting with social media for good influence.



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